Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching up.......

Well, have a much to long hiatus of posting, I've decided to finally break down and get going again. I've actually thought about it quite a bit the last few months, just never sat down to get started going again.

We are absolutely loving it back at home on the foothills of the Wasatch Front. Dorothy really and truly had it right, there IS no place like home. The snows been great, and it's so beautiful here. Although Tom kept saying how cold our house is. But really it's just a typical northern Utah winter and he has become some sort of southern bird. And Madeline mentioned the other day that having snow isn't as much fun as she thought it'd be. Nevertheless, we have had fun and enjoyed some pretty big snow days and rather large snow drifts as evident in our picture.

Madeline is doing well in school. She has some great friends and seems to have adjusted most of the time. Logan also is in a preschool that he loves. When I say it's time for school he says, preschool one or preschool two? (one is AZ preschool, and two is UT preschool clever boy) But he and Madie have both talked about how even though they are having so much fun, they want to go back to Arizona.
Luke is my little firefly. You just can't help but grin from ear to ear when you watch him. He always has on the cutest little smile. He zips around the room, playing with toys and entertaining himself. Yesterday at Walmart we were waiting in line and Luke was being absolute adorable, laughing and flirting with this cute little girl behind us. There was a rather grough and tough looking man behind here and he was actually laughing out loud at how cute and funny Luke was. Logan dotes on him. And now Luke with even instigate some mugging with Logan himself and lay his head on Logan's shoulder or but Logan's hand on his cheek.

Although I loved the people in Arizona dearly, I didn't realize how much I would miss them. We have moved many times and this one has been the saddest to leave such great friends behind. Frequently when I am out and about shop
ping I think I see one of my friends and remember they live far away.

Tom is currently rather bored at work, poor guy. Because he o
pened the clinic, they are just now building up a patient load. The first month he saw 17 patients. Now he sees about 3-5 a day. I can't remember a single book he has read for pleasure since we've been married. (besides two Lance Armstrong books) Since beginning work he has read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he's just finishing the Bourne trilogy. That's a lot of reading for someone who doesn't usually like it. I have to say it's nice right now though. He leaves for work late, unless there's a patient first thing but usually there isn't. Then he comes home for lunch, and frequently comes home early at the end of the day. I have to say it's a lovely change since his crazy working hours in Arizona. I'm soaking it all up while I can because I'm sure he'll be busy again soon enough.

Me, I'm having a ball. I've been working pretty hard on the house. I've only got two bathrooms and a hallway left to do. Well, and Madie's room but that's going to wait until next fall maybe. Then we can get going on a large garden and updating the yard. We were able to start two weeks ago, it was lovely weather. Then Mother Nature played an early April fools day joke and snowed us in once again. (it's alright, gives me a bit more time to finish up inside before I get bogged down in the yard)

When I'm not doing house and kid stuff, we are out visiting family as much as we can. We have 6 1/2 years of visiting to make up for and I'm doing it as fast as I can. I'm pretty darn lucky, I have the best in-laws in the world. Brothers and sisters included. We only live 1/2 mile from Tom's parents and I wouldn't mind living right across the street. They are wonderful and we love being with them again.