Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is a very special day
. It is the 4t
h birthday of my first son. Logan was born in Marion Ohio. Tom did his OB rotation the last month of my pregnancy. So for my weekly appointment he was always there because he was doing his rotation with our OB. It was an exciting time. I couldn't wait to see my new baby boy, and I loved seeing my handsome husband working at the doctor's office.

I am a very large pregnant woman. One of the patients that Tom saw after me told him, "I just saw a pregnant woman in the waiting room and she was huge!". She also said I was wearing
a black top and had to keep pulling it down. He told her I was having my baby in 2 days, but didn't say I was his wife. He didn't want her to feel embarrassed that she was talking about his wife. I don't get offended about my pregnant weight, I really, truly am that huge.
Logan's birth was a very special one for me. I love kids, and babies. All of them. So I was so very thrilled to be having another of my very own. I have very large babies so c-sections are required. I was nervous, and a little scared. (After you've had one baby you know too much about what's coming next. And yes, you so quickly forget how hard it really is, until the day of the delivery when you're having your next when it all comes back to you so clearly) Tom, the love of my live, was by my side. When they placed all 9 lbs 7 oz of him in my arms, an overwhelming feeling of love and peace came over me. Love for my son, love for my husband, and also the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. It was one of the times in my life that I have felt that Heaven is so much closer than we ever know.

Happy Birthday son, I love you with all my heart.

xoxo always,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Extra, extra ....read all about it!

So we have some really REALLY big news!!! Are you ready?
No, not that. (I wish!)

We get to move HOME!!! We will officially be Utahns as of Thursday November 13th!(Although in our hearts we were never anything else BUT Utahns!)
So Tom's last shift is a swing shift on Nov 11th. He'll come home and sleep. The moving truck will pack us up on Wednesday and we'll hit the road. Probably spend the night in Moab and be home on Thursday. Can't think of a better birthday present for my little girl's 8th birthday than that. So get ready to have some good old Baker fun 'cause we're coming home for good. Alleluia Amen.

xoxo always,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's go for a jog..........

So far so good. I went twice this week. The kids do pretty well, Madie keeps up with me. Tom stresses out and won't let us take the ipod. He's scared we're going to get ran over by people backing out of driveways. So I take it anyway, and just put it in one ear. Madie listens to the other one and it works out pretty well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays...grandmas garden

Gramps and Grandma had the most amazing yard I've ever seen anywhere. And it was the best yard a kid could ever ask for. The house was hidden behind what seemed to be a forest of scrub oak. (well, at least to a kid) There weren't any fences so you could just start hiking around. The side yard was wide. To the left against the house grew a wall of bamboo. On the right side was a long row of enormous pine trees that divided the yard from the neighbors. But in the side yard you never made it to the pine trees. There was the most amazing built up flower gardens you've ever seen. Nestled in the middle of it was a beautiful waterfall and small pond. I have many fond memories of sitting on the edge and cooling my feet in the pond while listening to the water trickle down the rocks.

The backyard had at least 3 apple trees. And one was the perfect size for climbing in and hunkering down with a good book. Under the porch there was always the best growing mint leaves. The main flower garden was in the backyard. And behind that was a very large garden. I always loved to visit grandma and traps through her garden to see what treasures were growing there. And in late summer we always came home with pounds and pounds of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Our favorite was hands down the Armenian Cucumber. They were huge. We would cut of large 6 inch chunks and just walk around the house eating them like candy. There was also a cherry tree, rasberry bushes, and blackberry bushes. Once when Stacy and I were out in the garden I stepped on something unusual. I looked down to see a dead bird and screamed. It was pretty gross. Never-the-less, her vegetable garden was my favorite. I never even paid attention to the flowers I was so busy looking through her bounty of plants. Because of her love of gardening, us grandkids love it too. I'm very excited to get back to Utah were I can grow a real garden of my very own. (I truly tried to in Arizona. I just don't get this hot weather gardening right. Sigh) Grandma could grow anything anywhere. And boy did she. I love you grandma!

xoxo always,


Tom's corner
Having just brought up the subject of this beautiful planet and the food and beauty it provides us, Tom thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce his corner. The topic for the next few posts is going to be on recycling. The magazine Real Simple just had an article on this very topic and provided some great info that is helpful for us all.

  • windowed envelopes - good
  • FedEx - good
  • Goldenrod - garbage (the dye is too much. Same with flourescent and dark paper)
  • Jiffy Paks - good
  • Envelopes with bubble wrap - garbage
  • Tyvek - good. Send them to
Tyvek Recycle
Attn:Shirley B Wright
2400 Elliham Ave #A
Richmond VA 23237

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fat and sassy

In January my fantastic sil Naloni had a "Biggest Loser" contest and I lost 23 pounds. Well, apparently I have no self control and I have sadly gained back 10 of those. I am fat and flabby. So....I am going to start running. Something that I hate. But, I really want to start doing races. I don't know why, but ever since I watched aunt Colleen do a marathon I've really wanted to. It was the coolest thing ever. (to watch her that is) Maybe I'll grow into the running thing. But I really REALLY hate to run. I digress. So the reason I am spilling my guts to all of you is I need to be encouraged. (Badgered is more like it but I'm putting a nice spin on it) So I am going to start taking note of my running as post scripts in my blog. I'm going to follow the training schedule of the Couch-to-5K Running Plan and run Mon, Wed, Fri. So please please please ask me how my run went so I will run because I don't want to embarrass myself by telling you that I missed it. Thank you in advance! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that it's to train to do a 5k with my also inspiring sister Stacy on Thanksgiving. (If you want to join with us that would be AWESOME. And if not, I understand. I really hate running. Oh, and I'm starting monday September 22. (If it's in writing I can't make up excuses, right?)

And also, (because I'm motivationally challenged by myself) I would like to host my own "Biggest Loser" competition starting in January so if you would like to join please let me know. I promise it will be lots of fun and very informative.

Anyhoo, one day Tom asked Madie to go grab him a shirt from the closet. So being daddy's little girl, (teasing gene and all) she grabbed one of my shirts. She ran in telling Tom she got his favorite shirt ever! I was surprised to see him put it one and couldn't pass up sharing. Feel free to tease and harass. (because we're coming home soon and then it's a free for all for Tom)

My little lover. Kisses sweet baby of mine.
xoxo always,


...writing about climbing is boring. I would rather go climbing. Chuck Pratt

As many of you know, my dear and awesome husband Tom recently climbed Mt. Rainier. It was simply amazing. I have to say I'm pretty dang proud of the handsome fella. Before he left I was very nervous about his safety. Now that he's been able to explain how excellent the guides are and the whole process, I feel much better. Now he has developed a "passion" for real mountain climbing, he plans to do many more. Some of them are Denali, Antartica, Acancagua, and Choy Oyo. (I'm sure that there's more) Plus, I'm sure when his best friend Blair finishes his residency he'll be right along side of him, which is a very comforting thought. (Or maybe I should be more scared?)

This is a pic from camp 1 at 12,000 feet. He left this camp at 2 am to get the the summit. He arrived at the summit at 7 am.
This is also taken from camp 1.
This is his guide Chris. He's an engineer. This is the summit at 14,400 feet.

This is the day before he climbed. The weather was bad and blew threw just in time for them to climb.

Although this looks like it was taken after he came down the mountain, it's actually the next day after a full nights sleep. Poor guy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Someone special.......

Someone I know that is very special just celebrated his birthday. He has darling curly hair and a mischievous smile. He loves to laugh, take baths (seriously, it's a daily thing), tumble and romp around with his older brothers, and snuggle and harass the baby. But one of his very most favorite things of all is to watch a show and dress up as the main hero. Some of his favorites are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and currently Zorro. Do you know who this darling big boy is?
It's Trevor!
Happy Birthday Trevor!

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Dump truck races....

Running a large metal dump truck with one of the kids inside seems to be the grand plan for the afternoon. Madie and Logan raced up and down the hall, laughing and running until they were sweaty. I carefully guarded Luke by placing him in the highchair. He loves to watch the kids play. Wish it was big enough for me!

xoxo always,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A new perspective...

Closeup of Luke (very closeup), Baby Einstein, ceiling fan, Baby Eistein, ceiling fan AND Baby Einstein.

As I got on the computer tonight to catch up on some blogging, I downloaded so new pics I took the last couple of days. Imagine my surprise when I come across these pictures. Logan must have snuck in some of his own photos when I was busy elsewhere.


The kids were playing outside yesterday. It must be finally getting cooler if they can go outside in the afternoon now. (Cooler is relative btw, that's like 98 or 100)

Logan is in his underwear, we are potty training STILL. (at least I haven't given up all together, that's better, right?)

All that RED LUSHES HAIR, just lovely.


And of course we can't forget Luke. The tongue comes standard on all models. Crawl is more like four legged spider monkey (he prefers to crawl with is feet not his knees). Logan is mauling Luke, also comes standard on all models.

me: Logan, don't put your finger in his mouth
-toes in his mouth
-undo his top seat beat (better for tickling he explained)

Logan: He likes it -or- He wants me too.

me: Logan back up, stop hugging your brother

Logan: He likes it

The mauling part is really my fault actually. It's my genes. I'm a mauler too as many of you will attest. I try to get Logan to snuggle and maul me instead, but it's just a temporary fix. Oh well. Someday his wife will be grateful.

xoxo Always,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays.... my gramps

I think this is my favorite picture of all.

Dick Daniel Tyer
was a great, great man. He always had the warmest smile. And he was so smart, it's seems he knew about absolutely everything, and could do anything. He built the house my mom grew up in with his own hands. One of my favorite things was the small waterfall and pond he built in the side yard. And his workshop was a sight to behold. He could fix anything. And he was always so interesting to talk to. I miss my visits with him. He was always tinkering around the house. I remember once going to visit and he was vacuuming out the coils in the fridge. And he kept right on going while he visited with me. I never knew two retired people to be as busy as my grandparents were. And boy were they technology savvy. They had us using the internet and email before the phrase www was ever coined. Gramps was a great man. He was always happy to help and loved to be with us. I love you gramps.

xoxo Always,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Jean Smith Photography

My beautiful kidlets. A year and a half ago a great friend of ours took these wonderful photos. She truly is very talented, plus it helps when the subject is as breathtaking as this one! I'm so please with the pictures, I'm just sad I didn't think of it being a family photo. (what's wrong with me?) But next time she's in Utah you bet your buttons I'm going to hunt her down and beg her to take our pics. If you want to see her website, go here (and trust me, you really really should. She is amazing!).

XOXO love,
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Friday, September 12, 2008

I am rich!

Have I ever told you that I am rich? Well I am. I have a sexy, awesome, funny, and extremely handsome husband. (and he's ALL mine!)

I have the most beautiful, lovely, funny, smart little red that was ever born. She has the sweetest little angle kisses all across her cute little nose and smiley cheeks.

Then there's my rambunctious, funny, crazy, energetic little brown eyed love. Every time hes smiles he gets a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

And THE CUTEST, HAPPIEST, MOST ADORABLY LOVING LITTLE BABY BOY THAT WAS EVER BORN. and I mean ever. ask anyone, you've never ever seen a little baby boy smile and laugh so much. I could just pinch his cute little cheeks right off and stick them in my pocket for a good luck charm. (not really but almost!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tyer Tuesday.....sleepovers

Photobucket Image Hosting
Sleep overs at grandma's house is a necessary part of childhood. I loved sleeping over. I'm the oldest of three girls. We would all snuggle down in the couch hide-away bed (what do you call those things?) and gramps and grandma would tuck us in for bed. I remember feeling the most wonderful feelings of love, comfort, and safety when we were there. I would always wake up and there would be grandma in her tourquise robe and curlers reading a book. And the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee would be wafting through the air. Our family never drank coffee, but anytime I walk past the coffee bean aisle at the grocer I can't help but inhale deeply and smile as memories of gramps and grandma come flooding in. Later in the morning we always made cinnamon rolls. And of course they were yummy! I think I need to make some tomorrow....

Love always,



Monday, September 8, 2008

Time flies.....

So I just looked at my blog and was startled to see that I haven't posted since last Tuesday! (I do think of things everyday to post about, sometimes twice a day.) I guess it just takes time to get into the habit of it.

We were so blessed to have my lovely in-laws Susan and Jerry come to visit. The children had a ball and were sad to discover that it was just plain old mom to read stories to them tonight and not their wonderful Grandma Susan.

Logan is showing me how a dinosaur eats an In and Out burger. Luke is just happy to be in the middle of it all. We went to to eat, shop, and watched movies all weekend. Tom went to get something to put all of his files home and he also brought home this. Given our love of all things Baby Einstein I was pleased. Luke was too. Our other two managed to entertain themselves with it's very large box. They would have Grandma Susan hold the lid shut and then tip over. (Sorry for the large size issues. I'm not so html and blog savvy just yet)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays


My wonderful grandparents passed away this year. Unfortunately, because I live so far away I was not able to visit them as much as I would have liked. At Christmas I wrote a letter to them letting them know how much I loved and appreciated them, but was not able to get it to them. So I am dedicating Tuesdays as a day to remember their wonderful influence in my life.

The one thing that they did better than anything else in the world was to love and adore each other. They were often working out in the yard, making dinner, or working on the house together. Grandpa would come in hot, sweaty, and tired from working on something and the first thing he would always ask was, "what can I do for you sweetie?". And my cute little grandma was a bit bossy, and grandpa took it all in stride, never once complaining or argueing.

A few years ago grandma was diagnosed with Parkinsons' and neuropathy. So she became shaky and she no longer had feeling in her feet and hands. Grandpa carved her a cane, got walkie talkies, and a walker. Even so, she feel down one day and broke her hip. Because of her quickly progessing Parkinsons', she was never able to walk again. She could maybe go a couple of steps, or move from the wheel chair to the toilet with help. But that was it. And over more than 4 years it steadily got worse. Gramps never complained. He took care of her night and day, eventually even changing daipers. And still he took care of her. He bought a new mini van, an electric wheel chair, and cellphones for each of them. He sold his house in the country and moved to SLC so that they would be by family for help, but mostly to be by better doctors for grandma. And he was happy to serve.

I'm so glad I have such a wonderful and loving set of grandparents that showed me how to be the very best kind of spouse. I love my husband very much and it's so very important that he knows that always. Thank you gramps and grandma for all of the loving memories you've given me over the years.

xoxo always,