Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fat and sassy

In January my fantastic sil Naloni had a "Biggest Loser" contest and I lost 23 pounds. Well, apparently I have no self control and I have sadly gained back 10 of those. I am fat and flabby. So....I am going to start running. Something that I hate. But, I really want to start doing races. I don't know why, but ever since I watched aunt Colleen do a marathon I've really wanted to. It was the coolest thing ever. (to watch her that is) Maybe I'll grow into the running thing. But I really REALLY hate to run. I digress. So the reason I am spilling my guts to all of you is I need to be encouraged. (Badgered is more like it but I'm putting a nice spin on it) So I am going to start taking note of my running as post scripts in my blog. I'm going to follow the training schedule of the Couch-to-5K Running Plan and run Mon, Wed, Fri. So please please please ask me how my run went so I will run because I don't want to embarrass myself by telling you that I missed it. Thank you in advance! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that it's to train to do a 5k with my also inspiring sister Stacy on Thanksgiving. (If you want to join with us that would be AWESOME. And if not, I understand. I really hate running. Oh, and I'm starting monday September 22. (If it's in writing I can't make up excuses, right?)

And also, (because I'm motivationally challenged by myself) I would like to host my own "Biggest Loser" competition starting in January so if you would like to join please let me know. I promise it will be lots of fun and very informative.

Anyhoo, one day Tom asked Madie to go grab him a shirt from the closet. So being daddy's little girl, (teasing gene and all) she grabbed one of my shirts. She ran in telling Tom she got his favorite shirt ever! I was surprised to see him put it one and couldn't pass up sharing. Feel free to tease and harass. (because we're coming home soon and then it's a free for all for Tom)

My little lover. Kisses sweet baby of mine.
xoxo always,


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Ron Urton Family said...

I'll do the biggest loser with you. Even though I am 2100 miles away. I need someone to motivate me. I figured the running thing out too. I hate to run but it is the ONLY way to lose the weight. I am doing my first 5k in October. My goal is to do a 10K or a mini triathalon. Let me know if you want to send badgering emails to one another. (I miss my spin partner).