Monday, September 1, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays


My wonderful grandparents passed away this year. Unfortunately, because I live so far away I was not able to visit them as much as I would have liked. At Christmas I wrote a letter to them letting them know how much I loved and appreciated them, but was not able to get it to them. So I am dedicating Tuesdays as a day to remember their wonderful influence in my life.

The one thing that they did better than anything else in the world was to love and adore each other. They were often working out in the yard, making dinner, or working on the house together. Grandpa would come in hot, sweaty, and tired from working on something and the first thing he would always ask was, "what can I do for you sweetie?". And my cute little grandma was a bit bossy, and grandpa took it all in stride, never once complaining or argueing.

A few years ago grandma was diagnosed with Parkinsons' and neuropathy. So she became shaky and she no longer had feeling in her feet and hands. Grandpa carved her a cane, got walkie talkies, and a walker. Even so, she feel down one day and broke her hip. Because of her quickly progessing Parkinsons', she was never able to walk again. She could maybe go a couple of steps, or move from the wheel chair to the toilet with help. But that was it. And over more than 4 years it steadily got worse. Gramps never complained. He took care of her night and day, eventually even changing daipers. And still he took care of her. He bought a new mini van, an electric wheel chair, and cellphones for each of them. He sold his house in the country and moved to SLC so that they would be by family for help, but mostly to be by better doctors for grandma. And he was happy to serve.

I'm so glad I have such a wonderful and loving set of grandparents that showed me how to be the very best kind of spouse. I love my husband very much and it's so very important that he knows that always. Thank you gramps and grandma for all of the loving memories you've given me over the years.

xoxo always,


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