Saturday, September 20, 2008

...writing about climbing is boring. I would rather go climbing. Chuck Pratt

As many of you know, my dear and awesome husband Tom recently climbed Mt. Rainier. It was simply amazing. I have to say I'm pretty dang proud of the handsome fella. Before he left I was very nervous about his safety. Now that he's been able to explain how excellent the guides are and the whole process, I feel much better. Now he has developed a "passion" for real mountain climbing, he plans to do many more. Some of them are Denali, Antartica, Acancagua, and Choy Oyo. (I'm sure that there's more) Plus, I'm sure when his best friend Blair finishes his residency he'll be right along side of him, which is a very comforting thought. (Or maybe I should be more scared?)

This is a pic from camp 1 at 12,000 feet. He left this camp at 2 am to get the the summit. He arrived at the summit at 7 am.
This is also taken from camp 1.
This is his guide Chris. He's an engineer. This is the summit at 14,400 feet.

This is the day before he climbed. The weather was bad and blew threw just in time for them to climb.

Although this looks like it was taken after he came down the mountain, it's actually the next day after a full nights sleep. Poor guy.

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