Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A new perspective...

Closeup of Luke (very closeup), Baby Einstein, ceiling fan, Baby Eistein, ceiling fan AND Baby Einstein.

As I got on the computer tonight to catch up on some blogging, I downloaded so new pics I took the last couple of days. Imagine my surprise when I come across these pictures. Logan must have snuck in some of his own photos when I was busy elsewhere.


The kids were playing outside yesterday. It must be finally getting cooler if they can go outside in the afternoon now. (Cooler is relative btw, that's like 98 or 100)

Logan is in his underwear, we are potty training STILL. (at least I haven't given up all together, that's better, right?)

All that RED LUSHES HAIR, just lovely.


And of course we can't forget Luke. The tongue comes standard on all models. Crawl is more like four legged spider monkey (he prefers to crawl with is feet not his knees). Logan is mauling Luke, also comes standard on all models.

me: Logan, don't put your finger in his mouth
-toes in his mouth
-undo his top seat beat (better for tickling he explained)

Logan: He likes it -or- He wants me too.

me: Logan back up, stop hugging your brother

Logan: He likes it

The mauling part is really my fault actually. It's my genes. I'm a mauler too as many of you will attest. I try to get Logan to snuggle and maul me instead, but it's just a temporary fix. Oh well. Someday his wife will be grateful.

xoxo Always,


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