Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays...grandmas garden

Gramps and Grandma had the most amazing yard I've ever seen anywhere. And it was the best yard a kid could ever ask for. The house was hidden behind what seemed to be a forest of scrub oak. (well, at least to a kid) There weren't any fences so you could just start hiking around. The side yard was wide. To the left against the house grew a wall of bamboo. On the right side was a long row of enormous pine trees that divided the yard from the neighbors. But in the side yard you never made it to the pine trees. There was the most amazing built up flower gardens you've ever seen. Nestled in the middle of it was a beautiful waterfall and small pond. I have many fond memories of sitting on the edge and cooling my feet in the pond while listening to the water trickle down the rocks.

The backyard had at least 3 apple trees. And one was the perfect size for climbing in and hunkering down with a good book. Under the porch there was always the best growing mint leaves. The main flower garden was in the backyard. And behind that was a very large garden. I always loved to visit grandma and traps through her garden to see what treasures were growing there. And in late summer we always came home with pounds and pounds of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Our favorite was hands down the Armenian Cucumber. They were huge. We would cut of large 6 inch chunks and just walk around the house eating them like candy. There was also a cherry tree, rasberry bushes, and blackberry bushes. Once when Stacy and I were out in the garden I stepped on something unusual. I looked down to see a dead bird and screamed. It was pretty gross. Never-the-less, her vegetable garden was my favorite. I never even paid attention to the flowers I was so busy looking through her bounty of plants. Because of her love of gardening, us grandkids love it too. I'm very excited to get back to Utah were I can grow a real garden of my very own. (I truly tried to in Arizona. I just don't get this hot weather gardening right. Sigh) Grandma could grow anything anywhere. And boy did she. I love you grandma!

xoxo always,


Tom's corner
Having just brought up the subject of this beautiful planet and the food and beauty it provides us, Tom thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce his corner. The topic for the next few posts is going to be on recycling. The magazine Real Simple just had an article on this very topic and provided some great info that is helpful for us all.

  • windowed envelopes - good
  • FedEx - good
  • Goldenrod - garbage (the dye is too much. Same with flourescent and dark paper)
  • Jiffy Paks - good
  • Envelopes with bubble wrap - garbage
  • Tyvek - good. Send them to
Tyvek Recycle
Attn:Shirley B Wright
2400 Elliham Ave #A
Richmond VA 23237

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