Saturday, August 30, 2008

In our next house Tom wants to do an acid stain on the cement. If you do it yourself it is much cheaper. Since Tom isn't that keen on doing it ourselves, I thought to myself, "I can do it. I'm not scared." Ha ha! What was I THINKING? It was July in Phoenix, the hottest city on the planet. It was at least 110 degrees out, plus I was in a hot garage, spraying water on hot cement. Can you say Sauna city? ;)And I never do anything the easy way either. Not only to I acid stain, I have to put a fancy mountain hardware logo in the workshop area, and a border around the garage. You would think that I would learn my lesson. Nope. And I'm sure that the next think I do I'll go all out again.

Today we officially put our home on the market. I have mixed feelings. I'm excited to finally be headed home to Utah. We've been gone for 6 years. It really seems like it flew by. Not overnight, of course. But definitely not 6 years worth of time spent away. But I'm also sad to be leaving here. Of all of the places we've lived this has by far been my very favorite. (Although Ivins was absolutely beautiful!) And I really like my house. Actually, what I really like is that my house is
done. Every room has been painted and decorated perfectly. And now I have to start over. Don't get me wrong, I love to decorate and paint. I think it's tons of fun. But I also like to sit and enjoy and would love to start quilting on a regular basis. But, I get to try some new things so that will be fun. Plus, I will live by my two extremely talented sisters who paint amazing murals and will have them over to help me oodles and oodles. (Break out the brushes girls, my next house needs some lovin'!)

I was just remembering today that when Madeline was 2 she would say that she wanted to watch "buck-eye-ker" which is code for Buzzlightyear. Kids are so cute!

XOXO always,

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