Sunday, October 19, 2008

So tonight my children and I were eating our lovely dinner, (actually it was terrible, really really terrible. I didn't even make the kids eat ONE bite of fish it was so bad) and watching an old Newhart episode. It's one where some grandma lady gets thrown in jail. So my daughter Madeline turns to me and asks, "mom, has anyone in your family ever been to jail or broken out of jail before?" To which I reply a resounding "no.". "Neither do I" she replies and I burst out laughing because she and I are in the same family. Kids are so cute.

Luke's latest move is to throw both arms straight up in the air and shout with glee. He does it many times a day. It is adorable. I would show you but my dear husband is in Utah with both the camera and my camcorder fixing up the new digs for our arrival in a few weeks. Wish I was there too.

Originally Tom and I had planned on making a little trip out of moving home. We were going to take some "scenic" route and do a mini vacation/moving home trip. Well, his schedule became so that it was just a moving home trip. And one day last week I had a moment of terrifying enlightenment. We were driving home in a Subaru wagon with a newly potty trained four year old (and I use potty trained loosely here, it really means taking him to the toilet once an hour and teasing/begging/bribing him to go potty), a still-nursing 11 month old, and not one but TWO Siamese cats that HATE THE CAR. Seriously, they cry for hours on end. And so do we. So I calmly sat down with my husband and begged him to let me fly the kids home. I would gladly fly for 1 hour and 40 minutes all alone with three children than take a drive like that anytime. We would probably not make it. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it.

Tonight we watched my favorite Baby Einstein. For those of you who don't know we love all things Baby Einstein. Seriously, it's the bomb. Madeline who's 7 still watches it when it's on. And I don't even count it as tv time because it's classical music (mostly) and images. Which is great because no matter how many times we've seen it (not in a row of course but over the years), I'm not sick of it. I'd have burn any other movie by now after that many viewings. So the point was that we are watching my favorite one, Baby Einstein Santa. I love Christmas. And Thanksgiving. And snow. And I get to be home. Alleluia amen.
xoxo always, Amber


Jean Smith Photography said... are my blogging hero!!! you have inspired me to write about the everyday things...thoughts, funny things kids say, your awful dinner, etc! blogs make me feel like we aren't on the other side of the nation. so, when are you moving home?!?!?

SPENCERS said...

Oh, I hope you get to fly home! It's worth every penny!
I just had to tell you that Jake lost his first tooth (the dentist had to pull an infected molar out) but jake told me it would be ok since Madie Baker lost a tooth and it grew back. I couldn't believe he remembered!