Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays....smurfs, ladybugs, and James Bond

They had the very best toys. Coleco Vision. Which included such addicting games as Lady Bug, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Smurfs, and James Bond. There was a drawer in the sewing room filled with treasures. One was an old checkbook. I loved playing with it and writing out pretend checks. Mom's old barbie doll with the pink plastic ski's. She had those old plastic eyelashes, the ones that were part of the mold for her head. And curly dark hair. Once I tried to curl her hair a little bit more with the curling iron and she suffered a severe case of alopecia forever more. In the closet was a puppet on strings that refused to be untangled. A thin clear plastic oval that contained water, and blue and white sand inside that swirled and made cool designs as you moved it around. An oversized stuffed alligator that eventually came home with us. I remeber having left some toys out during one visit. Expecting them to still be in the same place when we returned I was surprised to find them put away. Instead of simply assuming that grandma had cleaned up, I imagined that she must has some other grandkids that I wasn't related to and didn't know about that visited her when I wasn't there. (not that she had another family or anything, I just didn't understand about genetics and such I guess.)

So now I will remember to keep a few important toys from my children. So that their own kids and play with and love them as much as I loved playing with toys at your house too.
xoxo love always, Amber

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