Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thoughts on potting training

Thoughts on potting training. When potty training Madeline, she would pee in her underwear. So I took them off, and she walked around in a darling little shirt, with her cute little bum cheeks hanging out the backside. We put the potting training toilet in the front room so we could have quick access. It worked like a charm. I think she may have had only one or two accidents. After two weeks of that, we put on the panties and she was good to go. A few months later we started on the night time training and it went very well. Although I did feel bad waking her up in the middle of the night to go potty. Especially since it was in the winter in West Virginia and we had one meezily little heater in the bathroom. It was the only vent in the entire upstairs. Still, I think she may have wet the bed only once or twice. Potty training was such a breeze. Oh how naive I was.

Logan helped dispelled my confidence and ability to easily and calmly train my child to use the potty. He is 4 and has no desire to use the toilet. He will if we remind him, every hour. Left to his own devices he has more important things to do. Which includes pretty much anything and everything outside of the bathroom. Two nights I accidentally forgot to put a pull-up on him at bedtime. I woke up in the morning to a perfectly dry son. I am proud to report that it has been over 2 weeks and not one single bed wetting accident to date. I wish I could say as much about the day. Never-the-less, I keep hoping that one of these days the light will turn on and he will suddenly say "mom, I have to go potty!".

One thing Logan does very well is sing children's songs. He sings them so well that when we sing them, we sing them his way. Fast like lightening. It is funny. And we laugh and laugh and then sing some more. I really love my son.

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