Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tyer Tuesdays....better than the zoo.

I think that the animals came because they knew how fun it was to be at the Tyer house. For a while there was a chicken that made a home somewhere in the scrub oak. She had free run of the grounds, and Gramps would get fresh eggs for breakfast. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. There was some rusted out car next to the shed. Never even noticed it until some cat decided that it was the perfect spot to have some baby kittens. I'm pretty sure I remeber rumor of a skunk that stopped by temporarily too. But my favorite one was a particularly spunky racoon. One of the special nights we got to stay at their house, a racoon that had been visiting decided to come indoors for a bit. He found gramps' lighter and scurried under a bed. I remember peeking under it with gramps and you could see the tiny sparks as he was playing with the lighter. Not a good combo. Don't really remember how they got him out, guess that wasn't the fun part.

At the back of their house was this awesome covered deck. There was an apple tree that grew right next to it, and some vines that grew around the railing. It always felt a little like a hint of a cool jungle oasis there. And in the dusk of the summer day there would be a faint blue glow on the tiles, a soft melodic electric hum, that is until the bug zapper went zap and then the soft hum continued. Funny thing, I actually love the sound of bug zappers. It reminds me of summer evenings with gramps and grandma. (I know insects aren't animals but figured that this was as good as any time to reminisce about them too.)

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